STANDING STRONG: Leading Industrial Crypto Miner Ormeus Increases Hash Power Capacity

AT a time when some Bitcoin mining farms are shutting down, one big-name industrial-scale miner is standing strong and increasing capacity. Against the backdrop of the New York Stock Exchange Chairman’s announcement today that Crypto will survive and  “Bitcoin is still the yardstick”, it was revealed that leading Crypto Miner Ormeus is doubling down on

UTRUST announces Partnership with Payrexx to Change European Crypto-Payment Landscape to User Friendly Platform

UTRUST, a Crypto-commerce company with a technology platform that makes cryptocurrencies spendable for online purchases, announced an exclusive partnership with Payrexx, a leading European and trusted PSP (Payment Service Provider). The partnership could permanently transform the overall European crypto-payment landscape by providing merchants with access to 40 million cryptocurrency holders around the world. Through this

SportsFix to launch 150,000 Crypto Wallets with ProximaX

After successfully launching SportsFix Sponsorship Model two months ago, SportsFix is integrating the ProximaX Sirius platform utilizing blockchain technology to tokenize their Digital StadiumTM starting with the HSBC BWF World Tour Finals in December. SportsFix is the OTT broadcaster for BWF content in Indonesia and the Philippines. Over the past two months, Sportsfix has experienced

London Block Exchange and AlphaPoint Mined First Digital Pound Sterling Ever

London Block Exchange, the first multi-cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to the UK market, just announced the first ever digital pound sterling. The stablecoin called GBP-Peg was created through a partnership with leading global blockchain technology company AlphaPoint, which is focused on enabling institutions to issue digital assets and to operate digital asset exchanges. GBP-Peg was initially announced

Swytch announces Launch of Secure AI-Powered Renewable Energy Platform on Blockchain

Today, blockchain-based clean energy platform Swytch, announces the successful launch of its platform that offers enterprises real-time visibility into their green energy production data. The platform ensures anonymity and security and uses AI-based predictive technology to create sustainable policies. Recognizing the need for simple and secure energy accounting, Swytch aims to address one of the most

Moontec Conference Kicks off in Tallinn Amid Estonia’s Push to Stimulate Blockchain Business Solutions

This year’s conference, the biggest of its kind in Northern Europe, is being held against the backdrop of fast-changing blockchain markets but yet still with great faith shown in the nascent technology by its Estonian hosts. Increasing focus is being directed towards blockchain in enterprise, however, as climates have changed with a self-evidenced demand to

Ledger Expands to New York City

Ledger has announced that it has expanded operations to New York City and appointed Demetrios Skalkotos to lead global business unit operations for Ledger Vault. A multi-authorization cryptocurrency self-custody management solution built to secure large amounts of various digital assets, Ledger Vault is the preeminent enterprise security solution for financial institutions. “As Blockchain revolutionizes the financial system,

Huobi Wallet Adds Support to Tron and Encourage Portfolio Diversification Among Investors

Huobi Wallet continues to expand amidst a bear market that has affected the whole crypto ecosystem. Nevertheless, this is not enough to stop Huobi providing new services to customers. Huobi Wallet will now be supporting Tron (TRX) and allow investors to diversify their portfolios. Huobi Wallet Adds Tron Support The cryptocurrency market is becoming more