Binance Coin is the Biggest Winner From a Week of Slight Gains

Investors are starting the week with a mix between optimism and doubt. Last week, bitcoin started trading at $7905 and managed to climb all the way up to $8470. At press time, bitcoin is trading at $8310.
Most cryptocurrencies are reporting very mild gains, mostly within the range of 1-2%. Without a doubt, the biggest surprise for investors was Binance Coin (BNB). BNB is currently ranked 8th by market cap and is the only coin within the top 20 that scored substantial gains by surging more than 7.5%.
Binance Coin is the clear winner from the last week
Over the course of the week, bitcoin kept bouncing between $8.2K and $8.4K.

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Ether (ETH) on the other hand, has fallen a bit and hit $180 on Sunday. The last day of the week saw ETH slowly climbing back up to the current price of $184.

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As for the week’s end, the top 20 coins are almost all in the green with small to moderate gains. The only exception is Chainlink (LINK) which is down by roughly 2.5%. As stated above, the clear winner from the past week is Binance Coin.
A lot of experts speculate that Binance’s chain of announcements over the last few months have slowly pushed the price upwards. However, Binance’s most popular move seemed to be the decision to use WeChat and Alipay to accept fiat.
By all accounts, the reception is quite good and it’s evident in the way the markets received BNB for last week.
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