Bitcoin SV Price Analysis: BSV/USD Trends of December 12–18

Bitcoin SV Price Analysis: BSV/USD Trends of December 12–18
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Heisenberg Capital: Bitcoin is in a League of its Own
Tuesday May 07, 2019

The total amount of cryptocurrencies which were ever created has now climbed above 2000. Altcoins are created almost daily, but 99.9% of them last less than a month or two. This is why many crypto investors who believe in the future of crypto stick mainly to bitcoin. Heisenberg Capital is one of the biggest VC

Bitcoin SV price may hit $92 price level;
the Bulls are taking over BSV market gradually;
the Bears may lose the momentum.

Blockchain-Powered City by 2020? Dubai Wants to make it Happen
Wednesday January 09, 2019

Over the last decade, Dubai has almost always been used as a reference to the billionaire lifestyle. Yachts, private planes, jets, god knows how many stars-hotels and all that jazz. The city is one of the most desired tourist destinations due to the luxury and futuristic outlook. That alone is not enough and there are

BSV/USD Price Medium-term Trend: Bearish
Resistance levels: $92, $96, $101
Support levels: $89, $85, $80BSV/USD is on the bearish trend on the medium-term outlook. The cryptocurrency left the consolidation zone on December 10. It rallied down and broke the former demand levels of $96, $92. Yesterday, the coin reached the demand level of $89. The 21-day EMA has crossed 50-day EMA indicating bearish momentum on the Bitcoin SV market. On December 7, an attempt to break the resistance level of $92 failed as the upward movement was rejected.
BSV price is currently consolidating on the support level of $89, below the 21-day EMA and 50-day EMA with a distance away from each other indicating the bearish trend is ongoing. The Stochastic Oscillator period 14 is at the oversold region (below 25 levels) with signal lines interlocked as a sign of consolidation. It equally indicates that Bitcoin SV has strong bearish momentum and sell signal.
In case the bears break the demand level of $89 downside, the crypto will find support at the previous low of $85 – $80. An uptrend will be anticipated in case the $89 price level holds.
BSV/USD Price Short-term Trend: Bearish
BSV/USD is bearish on the short-term outlook. Bitcoin SV continues falling after confirmation of takeover at $101 resistance level on December 10. BSV closed lower at $89 support level after broken the former support levels of $96, $92.
“Double bottom” pattern was formed as it is clearly seen on the chart which indicates that BSV price may hit $92 price level in which if the level is broken the coin may have its high at $96 price level. In case the bears defend $96 price level, the coin will bounce and resume its bearish trend.
Meanwhile, the Stochastic Oscillator period 14 is above 40 levels with signal lines points upward which indicates buy signal.
Bitcoin SV Price Analysis: BSV/USD Trends of December 12–18