Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Capacity Attains a New All-time High

CoinSpeaker Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Capacity Attains a New All-time High The mainnet implementation of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network (LN) has attained a new milestone of 4000 nodes for the very first time. Lightning Network, as we know, is the second layer off chain scalability solution of the Bitcoin network. The network is designed to cater to

Novatti AUD Utility Token, Australian Dollar stablecoin launches on Stellar

Last week’s Tether (USDT) action and its quick recovery showed that stablecoins are valuable to the Cryptocurrency ecosystem, but also more stable than people think. You can read more in the articles below. A new stablecoin pegged to a fiat currency will make its debut. The new stablecoin is launching on Stellar’s blockchain and it will

Omnitude set to transform enterprise business with the move of its ECOM token to Stellar and the introduction of micropayments to users

Omnitude is converting its token from the current Ethereum based ERC20 standard to Stellar’s  platform in a move that will create a hybrid blockchain. Stellar will become the framework for the ECOM currency within Omnitude’s Hyperledger network, allowing for the combination of technologies. Omnitude plans to become an anchor in the Stellar network which will