CoinSwitch: Best Market Rates in a Single Place

CoinSwitch: Best Market Rates in a Single Place
This year the cryptocurrency market is seriously affected by the bearish trend. Experts and the community are trying to find the most reliable explanation but nobody seems to have come up with any conclusion. Nevertheless, one thing is quite obvious for all camps: the cryptocurrency sphere is still too complicated for a wide audience and is already over-crowded by a number of various platforms and services.
Universal Solution
Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that there are no good options. One of the platforms aimed at facilitating users interaction with crypto assets is CoinSwitch. It is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that was launched last year.

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CoinSwitch offers an opportunity to convert over 400 currencies within 45,000 trading pairs. Users are able to work with a number of exchanges without an account. Without any doubts, such a blockchain-powered platform can be considered to be a real step forward Web 3.0.

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Benefits for a Wide Audience
It is not always simple to get accustomed to a new service or platform, in addition, a lot of people just don’t have enough time to familiarize with several separate services each time they want to use them.

That’s why CoinSwitch has united the entire market for users’ needs. CoinSwitch customers can find all the best options in the framework of one platform that tracks data from all major exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, HitBTC, KuCoin, IDEX, etc.
As we have already mentioned, there is even no need to create an account or to rely on third-party wallet services. Users can convert their assets anonymously from their own wallets that they consider to be the safest ones.

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Opportunities for Businesses
CoinSwitch team has also paid attention to the aspects of B2B cooperation. The service’s API can be easily used by third-party projects with a view to offer cryptocurrencies conversions within their services.

For example, such gaming projects as and are already enjoying the opportunities offered by CoinSwitch.

Moreover, the project is launching a payment gateway to enable merchants to accept over 300 cryptocurrencies from their buyers.

New Options For the Community
CoinSwitch also provides the community of blockchain entrepreneurs and developers with an opportunity to launch their own customized cryptocurrency exchange. It will take just a few minutes and does not require coding. Nevertheless, such an option will enable users trade directly from their websites.

It is known that projects like Skycoin, Gobyte, Komodo, and Reddcoin have already tested this option to facilitate trading procedures for their audiences.

Who knows, maybe such services as CoinSwitch, that are aimed at making the crypto sphere more user-friendly, are able to make mass adoption real?
CoinSwitch: Best Market Rates in a Single Place