Dascoin – Anatomy of Multilevel Marketing Crypto Scam – Coinmarketcap Zero

OP/ED by Richard Kastelein, Publisher, Blockchain News Excelz (née Netleaders and Coinleaders) gave birth to their little MLM cryptoscam called Dascoin back in 2016. John Pretto, former Chairman of Net Leaders, was a former OneCoin ponzi scheme affiliate investor. So was DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias. Users invest in the so-called DasCoin points that are basically a […]
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Bitcoin XT Will NOT Follow Bitcoin Cash in Another Hard Fork
Thursday May 09, 2019

Bitcoin XT will not follow the BCH hard fork, which was scheduled for the 15th of May. The developers shared the announcement and discussed their support for big blocks and the participation in the Bitcoin Cash network. One thing the developers of Bitcoin XT have always supported, was the option for miners to make protocol-level

2FA on Facebook: So Many People are Willingly Scammed
Wednesday March 06, 2019

Unfortunately, as technology continues to evolve, the need for better security increases. Two-factor authentication (2FA) has become essential to the majority of websites. The feature was designed to protect online accounts. Facebook however, has found alternative uses for the system on their platform. The 2FA at Facebook has a lot going on beneath the surface.