EO.Finance Launches Highest Paying Crypto Referral Program of 2019

EO.Finance Launches Highest Paying Crypto Referral Program of 2019

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Friday March 08, 2019

CoinSpeaker XRP Price Analysis: XRP/USD Expected to Breakout at $0.32 Key Highlights: The Pennant pattern confirmed in the XRP market; in case $0.30 price level does not hold, there will be a bearish break out; the break out is imminent. XRP/USD Price Medium-term Trend: Ranging Supply levels: $0.32, $0.34, $0.36 Demand levels: $0.30, $0.28, $0.25The

Offering 30% of transaction fees for each referral, it is expected to be the highest paying crypto referral program of 2019.
Each user will receive their own unique invite link, which can be shared with friends or via social media, in order to start earning 30% of the companies fees for every transaction made by someone who registered using their unique link.
Furthermore, receive 5% of the fees for each new referral introduced by your own referral, increasing earning potential and adding even more benefits to an already feature packed ecosystem. The fact the ecosystem supports credit and debit card transactions, as well as more than 40 cryptocurrencies means it will be even easier for you to start earning from your referrals.
The EO Referral Program will also extend to EO.Trade following launch, meaning it will be possible to earn from a single referrals transactions across multiple products within the EO ecosystem. It is important to note that the figure of 30% is significantly more than most competitors offer.
Payment will be made in the same currency as was purchased or exchanged. Withdrawal of the profits earned via the program can be made instantly, meaning you can earn immediately from your referral. The profits can also be exchanged into any available currency as desired.
Many will also be pleased to hear that the program also extends to those referred during the crowdsale. Meaning if you referred someone during the crowdsale, to earn from the bounty program on offer – those same referrals will still be active, allowing you to earn the 30% from fees on EO.Finance and EO.Trade.
For website owners and traffic managers promotional materials can be provided, including: banners and videos in different sizes and languages.
EO is European licensed company, those who wish to join the referral program can do so by registering at EO.Finance and following a link https://app.eo.finance/referral
EO.Finance Launches Highest Paying Crypto Referral Program of 2019

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