G20 leaders call for taxation system of cryptocurrency

Off the back of the G20 meeting that took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, over the weekend, G20 leaders called for the taxation of cryptocurrency. A document jointly delivered by G20 leaders called for “a taxation system for cross-border electronic services”, with a final version of regulations expected to be in place by 2020, in line […]
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Gaming Blockchains – Tokenizing In-game Assets
Thursday December 20, 2018

The question of whether we should have gaming blockchains or not had been a topic of some debate recently. Opponents see them as unnecessary, that things work just fine as they are. Proponents see the use of gaming blockchains as a way of allowing buyers to own their assets immutably. Though not designed specifically with

Zilliqa joins Student Organisation at King’s College London to Launch Blockchain A-Z Workshops
Saturday March 09, 2019

Zilliqa has partnered with KCL Blockchain, the student organisation at King’s CollegeLondon dedicated to this new technology, for the launch of a workshop called Blockchain A-Z. The series of free workshops will be held for a period of four weeks at King’s College London starting on March 26th, 2019.   The Zilliqa workshops are designed