Gods Unchained: First Steps Into Blockchain Gaming

Gods Unchained is a fantasy-themed blockchain-based card game. The game’s main inspiration comes from the very popular card games Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering.
Gods Unchained is using the ethereum blockchain to house cards as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Coinbase Ventures is one big investor, which has looked into the project and given it it’s full support. The investor was also a participated in a $2.4 million seed funding round, which was led by Continue Cpital and Nirvana Capital back in May.
The game is being developed by the Australian-based startup Fuel Games. The startup did a very good job appealing to the market, considering the overall negativity towards most crypto-oriented companies. In July, the company sold a single game card – “Mythic Hyperion” for 146 ether, valued a little over $60 000 during that time.
This was close to breaking the $87 000 record, which was set by an ultra-rare Magic card just a few days before. James Ferguson, the CEO and co-founder of Fuel Games sad that the company has sold roughly 1.6 million cards, which has amounted to almost $3 million.
Gods Unchained seems to offer players a wide variety of diversity
Yesterday, Fuel Games released an Official Gameplay trailer, which showed very interesting and diverse gameplay options. The early access will begin this month and players and developers will be able to see how the game will react in the initial stages. After the early access is over, the closed beta will last for roughly 3 months before the official launch.
While developing the game, Fuel Games decided to distance themselves from ordinary blockchain gaming practices. The company decided that the gameplay will take place on its servers due to the transaction costs and slow processing, which are often linked with on-chain gaming.
Ferguson stated that Gods Unchained was developed on the Unity game engine. He believes that if the game was developed on a browser, it couldn’t live up to the company’s wishes. It’s important to note that Ethereum will play the biggest part in Gods Unchained, due to the cards existing on the blockchain as NFTs. The designers say that this will ensure the cards cannot be “nerfed” or weakened by any means.
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