Nano X to be Used with Mobile Devices. Ledger Going Mobile

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, confirmed the rumors that Ledger will go mobile. The new Bluetooth-enabled Nano X device was revealed yesterday and it did not fail to impress. With the added Bluetooth, the Nano X can now be easily used with mobile devices.
This has been a big problem for many Ledger S. users. In general, most of the world uses mobile computing. Laptop and desktop usage has gone down tremendously in the last 5 years alone.
During the demonstration, Eric Larcheveque stated the simple fact that the mobile app works with Nano X is huge. The connection of the Nano X via Bluetooth, can give us the security of Ledger, but with mobile’s form factor. This is very important since Ledger devices store keys, but writing and sending transactions is done by an external app on a computing device.
At the moment, there is no price announced for the Nano X. Larcheveque however, mentioned that as soon as the Nano X goes live, the Nano S will have its price reduced. Currently you can buy the Nano S for $69.99 and according to the Ledger official website, over 1.3 million of these devices have been sold.
The new device has a number of changes which will prove to be of great help to the users. A slightly bigger screen will always be of help due to the fact that every extra pixel results in extra usability. Ledger’s security approach also requires a lot of actions to be done on the hardware device itself. Additionally, the mobile application will be available on Google Play and iTunes starting January 16th.
The Nano X will definitely be an improvement
When it comes to memory, the Nano X has plenty of it. Most people would argue that memory isn’t really important in a hardware wallet. On the contrary however, with the addition of new tokens, the crypto ecosystem is evolving into something more complex.
This is why different software is needed to interact with different protocols. And with security standards being set extremely high by Ledger, the company decided that each protocol needs to have its own app for token transactions.
Larcheveque wants many third-party developers to invest time in app development. That’s why he wants to make sure, these apps can only sign transactions for their own private key.
Additionally, users with a single app open, cannot accidently sign a transaction on the wrong protocol. According to official data, the Nano X will be able to store the apps for up to 100 crypto assets, which is a 6-fold increase over the Nano S.
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