New Assets and Exciting Independent Projects to be Listed on Coinbase

Coinbase has revealed it’s planning on listing more than 30 new assets. This does not mean the tokens will be added to the platform. According to a blog post from December 7th, the exchange is currently exploring its options. There is a wide variety of tokens taken into consideration ranging from ERC-20 tokens to entirely independent projects.
The blog post emphasized on Coinbase’s desire to grant their customers an increased amount of access. It’s the exchange’s goal to offer customers access to more than 90% of all compliant digital assets by market cap.
The new assets must be chosen carefully so reputation blows are evaded
With the current market state and the horrible reputation blow suffered by ICOs, Coinbase goes into detail how the process must be conducted extremely professionally:
“Adding new tokens requires an immense amount of exploratory work. This includes both the technical and legal compliance aspects. This is why it’s impossible for the company to guarantee which tokens will be added.”
“Our listing process also might result in a few of the listed assets being listed only for users to buy and sell, without the ability to send or receive using a local wallet. As for the listing process, we will continue adding assets based on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis. This allows us add assets with ease and security.”
Coinbase also issued a warning to its users that some assets might appear on public-facing APIs and other services before they are listed officially. If this indeed becomes the case, there are absolutely no guarantees from the exchange whether or if these assets will be available.
Historically, Coinbase users have received hints of assets being listed before the official announcements. Just a few months ago, bots took advantage of Coinbase’s API and begun trading 0x less than an hour before the listing became official. Other customers have reported seeing Zcash (ZEC) appear on the exchange’s wallet before the official announcement.
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