CoinSwitch: Best Market Rates in a Single Place

CoinSpeaker CoinSwitch: Best Market Rates in a Single Place This year the cryptocurrency market is seriously affected by the bearish trend. Experts and the community are trying to find the most reliable explanation but nobody seems to have come up with any conclusion. Nevertheless, one thing is quite obvious for all camps: the cryptocurrency sphere

Gazprom Banking Department Announces a new Crypto Trading Service for 2019

Gazprom Bank, the Russian bank’s Swiss division, seems to be working with two companies to implement crypto services to allow customers to deal with virtual currencies. The firms are Avaloq and Metaco and will be implementing a service allowing customers to handle cryptocurrencies without having to manage wallets or passwords. Gazprom to Launch Crypto Trading

4-part Documentary series about the Technology Behind Cryptocurrency Premieres online

Key Pictures Ltd. is pleased to announce the world broadcast premiere of the new 4-part documentary series, Inside The Cryptokingdom, co-directed by award-winning filmmakers Simon Hipkins and Charly W. Feldman. The series dives into the crypto kingdom to understand the technology behind it all, and shows us why we should all care about how this

CBDCs: Will Central Bank Digital Currencies Shape the Future

In the earliest days of crypto, banks and governments instantly discarded any talks about central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). As time went on, talks slowly began but unfortunately, had almost no room for consensus from either side. Moving on to the present, discussions about CBDCs are reaching a state of maturity. In fact, since the

Local Community in Belgium wants to Unite all Positive Forces with Province-wide LumbU coin

Het Belang van Limburg and Fairfin, launched the LimbU, a new community currency aimed at encouraging good habits in sustainability, community support, local products and short supply chains. The initiators of the LimbU are stepping up their efforts to gear to develop the LimbU’s own payment app and platform, in conjunction with The Studio, Belfius’

Coinbase ‘Exploring’ Support for XRP and 30 Other Cryptocurrencies

CoinSpeaker Coinbase ‘Exploring’ Support for XRP and 30 Other Cryptocurrencies Today is a big day for all XRP fans. Crypto exchange Coinbase, that recently has been actively listing new assets on its platform, has revealed that now it is working on exploring support for the second-largest cryptocurrency. New Cryptocurrencies on Coinbase In its official blog

Filmio about to Take Filmmaking into the Future with Tokenized Entertainment Ecosystem

Filmio, an entertainment platform that aims to democratize the filmmaking, TV, and VR industries, just launched its website, which outlines its decentralized entertainment platform and ecosystem to democratize these industries. Filmio believes talented creators should have opportunities, that fans should have a voice, and that investors should have access to better metrics for predicting success.

OFAC Enforcing Sanctions: Clear Declaration Against Crypto

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has thought long and hard on the topic of sanction-evading cryptocurrencies. Enforcing US securities laws has always been a priority. Recently, there have been key developments on the issue of applying United States sanctions laws by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Last month, two Iranian