Quantumcloud: Gamers Can Earn a Passive Income with New App

The year has definitely not been kind to miners from all shapes and sizes. Especially since interest in GPU mining declined exponentially since last year, gamers have not found many reasons to use their graphics card for mining. Asus has shared its plans to allow gamers to use the crunching power of their GPUs to earn a share of crypto mining profits. The tech giant from Taiwan announced on November 29th that it has initiated a partnership with mining app provider Quantumcloud.
This newfound cooperation will aim to allow gamers earn a passive income by using their Asus GPUs when they are not preoccupied with other tasks. Since there is large interest in the product from China, earnings will be paid out by both WeChat and PayPal.
Quantumcloud can’t guarantee profits, but wants to give gamers a shot at saving a little on the side
Essentially this new app will use gamer GPU power for many cloud-based miners. The miners in theory, will generate large amounts of profit and a percentage of that will go to gamers as a passive income. The percentage will be calculated by the amount of power provided. Additionally, all user financial data on the app will be protected under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
On the issue of privacy and user data, Quantumcloud had this to say:
“We pledge ourselves to protecting user data. This is why we are launching with GDPR compliance and will not require users to create a special login. People will be able to use their trusted PayPal or WeChat accounts.”
The company however, can’t guarantee profits for users. Users will have to realize that profits will be closely tied with the performance of the crypto market and nothing can be given as a guarantee by Quantumcloud.
Last year, during the crypto market’s biggest heights a lot of gamers were buying out GPUs to start mining individually or collectively in pools. This was done with software directly installed onto their PCs. Despite the crazy for GPU mining, gamers couldn’t mine Bitcoin. Due to the incredibly high difficulty of mining, ASIC miners are required and most gamers simply cannot afford them.
Unlike last year though, the reward for mining isn’t nearly as high, but the difficulty is relatively the same. A lot of miners recently left the industry via the mass miner exodus. Canaan Creative also took a bold step in order to combat the mass miner exodus and introduced an incredible flash sale which features all of the company’s miners.
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