RELEASE to be Listed on LATOKEN Exchange

RELEASE to be Listed on LATOKEN Exchange
RELEASE is a combination of three major technologies, that are AI, Big Data, and Blockchain. It represents a fusion of e-commerce and social media. With an aim to aid the common masses to pave their way through an affluent living, RELEASE targets to make the audience realise the changes that take place in social media and the e-commerce sector. It makes the most out of various modes of print media as well as mass media to make ensure that quality information is provided.
With the help of crystal clear goals and a perfect continuity, RELEASE has the potential to acquire more and more users as time passes by. Until now the concepts of e-commerce and social media were two different entities. But the amalgamation of the two can prove to be quite beneficial for all. The ever-increasing number of users also indicates the higher overall trust level. RELEASE also aims to transform the fishery and agricultural reforms.
Multiple virtual currencies are listed on the exchange. Users of RELEASE can purchase REL tokens, skills, services, products, etc. and exchange them with other virtual currencies.
A crypto exchange that focuses on the liquidity as far as new tokens  is known as LATOKEN. In July 2018, it gained a position in the CoinmarketCap’s Top-50 and had been providing positive results ever since. It has a daily turnover of more than $30 million. There are more than 80,000 traders registered with the platform. It has more than 180 crypto pairs for trade that are readily available. Every week, there are new additions made to the trading pairs.
LATOKEN Currency
LA is the main LATOKEN currency. Generating profits is not their sole purpose. The fees of the LATOKEN platform is relatively low. The idea behind such a business strategy is to attract a large number of crypto holders and enhance the total trading volume that occurs on the platform. Crypto holder of assets such as equities, loans, commodities, real estate, and works of art. Crypto holders can purchase the asset tokens by buying tokens that are linked to assets that denote the five main classes mentioned previously.
Some of the security features of the LATOKEN platform include encrypted keys, password security, secure storage, HTTPS data transmission, DDoS protection, and 2FA verification.
RELEASE to be Listed on LATOKEN Exchange

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