Security Tokens – Wave of the Future or Fad?

The meteoric rise and fall of the 2017 ICO bubble has left a wake of evolution – though some may say challenge – for the rest of the industry. Regulatory pressure, additional ICO entrants and a bear market have pushed the industry to evolve. One of those evolutions is the emergence of Securitized Token Offerings […]
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Tide protocol launches Open Source Data Marketplace to Make Privacy Profitable
Tuesday March 05, 2019

Tide, a non-profit foundation building a decentralized personal data economy, today announced Tide Protocol, a new open-source marketplace that transforms personal data and privacy from a liability into a mutually profitable asset, for businesses, data seekers as well as consumers. First-of-its-kind in its field, Tide Protocol can be integrated into any business’ existing data management

Smilo Platform Launches Mainnet – Decentralized, GDPR compliant, Hybrid, Multipurpose
Thursday March 07, 2019

After 18 months of conceptualizing, developing, crafting, testing and optimizing, Smilo Platform, a next-generation decentralized, hybrid, multipurpose blockchain protocol will be launching their mainnet on March 8, 2019. “We are very excited to announce this pivotal milestone in our existence, stated Smilo’s CEO  and founder, Elkan Roelen, “With a small and dedicated team of 12