Tap n Go brings cryptocurrency to the high street

• Tap n Go (TAP) provides users with an innovative Crypto Wallet linked to the TAP Prepaid Mastercardcard
• Get split-second access to crypto trading and banking with Tap n Go while instantly converting your crypto assets for spending them on your card.
25th of April 2019 -Tap n Go (TAP) has partnered with Transact Payments Limited (TPL) to provide the Tap Prepaid Mastercard® that will allow customers to convert Crypto Assets held with TAP for spending wherever Mastercard is accepted.
The TAP accounts with multiple crypto and fiat wallets and will have access to real time crypto trading with numerous exchanges, all assets are held securely in multi signatory “cold storage” wallets or electronic money client accounts.
Tap n Go have applied to the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission for a DLT licence which is currently under review.
Arsen Torosian CEO of TAP commented: “the launch has been in the making for a number of years, our partnership with TPL for our provision of the TAP Prepaid Mastercard was the final piece of our vision. We are delighted to have TPL as our partner for this product.”
Kriya Patel, MD of TNL commented: “TPL are delighted to be supporting the Prepaid Mastercard project and look forward to continuing to work with such an initiative partnerlike TAP with the roll out of their in-demand solution”.
About Tap n Go Ltd:
Tap n Go Ltd (TAP) is a Gibraltar based company providing clients with real time trading of crypto assets utilizing multiple exchanges from one APP.
The multi crypto and Fiat wallet structure of TAP coupled with bespoke designed proprietary middleware solution allows TAP to facilitate trades efficiently and seamlessly.
The TAP Prepaid Mastercard(one of the first to work with Mastercard)will allow our customers the ability to realise the value of their digital assets by exchanging them into traditional currencies for spending with merchants that accept Mastercard or to withdraw cash at ATMs in over 200 countries around the world.
For more information please visit www.tap.global
About Transact Payments Ltd:
Transact Payments Limited (TPL)is a licensed European e-money Institution providing payment solutions
to partners across the world and from different industries and sectors.
TPL is a regulated and authorised by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission and is a Principal Member of both Mastercard® and Visa® providing European BIN sponsorship and modular payment, debit and prepaid services. Our licenses have been successfully Passported into EU and EEA member states enabling the issuance of prepaid card programs across Europe.
We offer secure, flexible and innovative payment and card solutions.
For more information please visit: www.transactpaymentsltd.com
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