Josh Lawler: Microsoft’s Ethereum-based Token on Azure Solidifies Humanity’s Assimilation into the Borg

The post Josh Lawler: Microsoft’s Ethereum-based Token on Azure Solidifies Humanity’s Assimilation into the Borg written by Josh Lawler appeared first on Blockchain News – Blockchain News and Opinion – Tokenomics, Cryptoeconomics by Josh Lawler <START TRANSMISSION> Latest evidence that you will be assimilated into a Borg; you may choose which Borg.</STOP TRANSMISSION> Okay, maybe

Interview with Ammbr – A Blockchain-Enabled Mesh Network Bringing High Speed Internet to Emerging Economies

One of the more interesting projects that have come across my desk,  not only in the Blockchain space but also in telecommunications, is Ammbr. This project an effort to ensure much greater inclusivity for the digital world and it aims to bring faster Internet to roughly half the global population who currently suffer bad or

Bitcoin and Crypto’s Year Ahead – What does 2019 Have in Store?

By David Thomas, Director and Co-Founder at GlobalBlock. Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2019  Mike Novogratz             $20,000 Sonny Singh                 $20,000 Calvin Ayre                   $0 Fundstrat                      $36,000 GlobalBlock                   $8,000-$10,000 It was the American writer and entrepreneur Mark Twain who said, “Prophesy is a good line of business, but it is full of risks.” So, as we turn

Gaming Blockchains – Tokenizing In-game Assets

The question of whether we should have gaming blockchains or not had been a topic of some debate recently. Opponents see them as unnecessary, that things work just fine as they are. Proponents see the use of gaming blockchains as a way of allowing buyers to own their assets immutably. Though not designed specifically with

ONEROOT and BXA Announce Global Blockchain Payment Solution

Hosted at ONEROOT’s office in Shanghai, the BXA (Blockchain Exchange Alliance) Press Conference was destined to delight after the partnership announcement that the two companies recently made. The announcement saw BXA become the majority shareholder of ONEROOT and ONEROOT gain shares in BXA to form a solid partnership that will provide a solid base for

This weeks Cryptocurrency analysis from David Thomas, Director and Co-Founder of GlobalBlock

By David Thomas With the festive break rapidly approaching, those looking for any crumb of comfort from the crypto market or indeed broader macroeconomic news should probably just surrender to over eating, family arguments and endless re-runs early. Along with the ongoing Brexit saga and Donald J. Trump show, crypto markets continue to leach value

Dascoin – Anatomy of Multilevel Marketing Crypto Scam – Coinmarketcap Zero

OP/ED by Richard Kastelein, Publisher, Blockchain News Excelz (née Netleaders and Coinleaders) gave birth to their little MLM cryptoscam called Dascoin back in 2016. John Pretto, former Chairman of Net Leaders, was a former OneCoin ponzi scheme affiliate investor. So was DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias. Users invest in the so-called DasCoin points that are basically a

Wisdom of the Crowd Could Be Ideal Model to Teach AI

We are all familiar with some of the internet’s largest crowdsourcing experiments, like Wikipedia and Amazon Mechanical Turk. But, crowdsourcing today is being applied to new, high technologies, like artificial intelligence. And it’s the crowd that could humanize our use of AI and help imbue machines of the future with some much-needed common sense. The