Cloud Computing Infrastructure to be Developed by AMD and ConsenSys

ConsenSys is now officially partnered up with AMD. The ethereum development studio and the computer chip maker will focus on developing a new cloud computing infrastructure based on blockchain tech.
The announcement stated that along with AMD, ConsenSys was working with the Abu Dhabi investment firm Halo Holdings on W3BCLOUD. Use cases and expertise on blockchain transactions will be provided entirely by ConsenSys.
Jerog Roskowetz, AMD’s director of product management for blockchain tech, stated that AMD will provide ConsenSys with access to extremely high-performance hardware technologies. These technologies will be able to better scale and proliferate the decentralized networks and services.
Great news for cloud computing
This is great news, since it’s expected that the tech will be used even more this year by many major firms and government agencies. The growing demand is normal when the tech has the ability to support smart identity, enterprise data centers, health ID tracking and many more services which many governments and major companies would love to have.
Joe Lubin, founder of ConsenSys shared his excitement on the collaboration with AMD:
“By boosting the blockchain networks’ computing power with AMD tech, we will help the scalable adoption of newly-emerging decentralized systems around the world. The new infrastructure layer will be powered by the combination of both hardware and software. It will enable the accelerated proliferation of blockchain technologies.”
Retail customers who are interested in crypto mining gave AMD chips huge popularity when mining was at an all-time high. The crypto mining space was responsible over 10% of AMD’s quarterly revenue at one point.
Of course 2018 was by no means a good year for most miners. In fact, AMD’s sales fell to negligible levels by the end of 2018. Even with the few software updates which were designed to bolster the blockchain processes did not prove helpful in any way.
At the moment, no more information is available from either AMD or ConsenSys.
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