Mining Guide for Various Cryptos

There are similar guidelines for all crypto currencies whether this is Altcoin, Bitcoin or Ethereum. The cardinal rules are practically the same. Mining can be done single-handedly or through a mining pool. A pool consists of miners who put together their resources and share rewards. Speed is Important Sophisticated mining requires specialized special hardware. Otherwise,

Gambling vs. Investing in Cryptocurrencies

I’ve seen a lot of people asking the question, “Is investing or gambling a better way to earn cryptocurrencies?” If you have been asking the same question, then keep reading. I will discuss the basics behind each approach so that you can choose what best works for you. What is gambling? Simply stated, gambling is

Reasons why Ethereum might be the new Bitcoin

“The Flippening” is a loose term being used more and more in cryptocurrency discussions now-a-days. Bitcoin has remained the world’s largest cryptocurrency, both in valuation and in application, since its inception several years ago. To date, there has been no coin with the capacity to overtake Bitcoin. Many argue this has changed now that Ethereum