QuadrigaCX Saga: CEO’s Widow Handing Over $9 Million to Clients

Earlier this year, the crypto world saw a very unfortunate tragedy. The CEO of the crypto exchange QuadrigaCX passed away and left cryptocurrencies worth over $150 million completely inaccessible for an uknown period of time.
As time moved on, a large portion of the funds was still “lost”. A few months ago, the company appointed by QuadrigaCX, Ernst & Young, reported that Quadriga had transferred 103 bitcoins to cold wallets and they were inaccessible for anyone at the company.
Clients of the now defunct exchange were left wondering what happened with the 103 bitcoins, which at the time were worth approximately $470K.
The QuadrigaCX saga keeps getting more complex
Earlier this week, the widow of the deceased founder of the exchange Geral Cotton, Jennifer Robertson is voluntarily handing over $9 million in assets to users who still haven’t gotten their money back.
According to her personal statement, she is transferring a vast majority of her real estate assets to EY Canada. The transferred assets are valued at around $9 million. Robertson stated:
“I have voluntarily entered a settlement agreement where the vast majority of my assets and being returned to Quadriga in order to aid to affected customers.”
After Cotten’s passing, the exchange has been fighting a prolonged court battle with its creditors. Many of the exchange’s creditors have also publicly voiced their concerns that Cotten is not even deceased. At the present time, there is no available information on the fate of the lost cryptocurrency.
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