Top Crypto Exchanges Are Signing up to Be Hacked at UCIM Hack X

The UCIM Global Conference to be held at Singapore on 26-27 November seeks to bring the blockchain universe at the same platform and discuss ideas to pave way for the technological revolutions by harnessing the power of blockchain technology. It’s an opportunity for blockchain enthusiasts, ethical hackers, start-ups, investors and like-minded professionals to connect and discuss the technology with growth at the core of the event.
As the cryptocurrency sphere grows with more and more crypto-enthusiasts and trade professionals getting involved in trading with the digital assets, there is a growing need for a credible and a robust platform that delivers world-class cryptocurrency exchange services. While the crypto-trading volumes have been rising at a steady pace, a number of crypto-exchanges have surfaced the industry providing exchange services to trade in crypto-assets. However, with multiple instances of security breaches and an increasing rate of crypto-heists, investors have largely remained vulnerable to such security issues while losing hundreds of thousands worth of digital assets being stolen from crypto exchanges. Concerns from the investors’ community have emerged to address such security flaws of crypto-exchanges and engineer state-of-the-art systems to manage and handle such external attacks efficiently.
Hack X – A Ground-Breaking Competition to Deliver the Best Security Systems Within Top Crypto Exchanges:
In a unique attempt to ethically challenge the security systems of all the top exchanges across the globe and to uncover the authenticity and strength of the security systems implemented by such exchanges, the United Conference of Internet Money (UCIM) is hosting an exclusive hacking competition – Hack X, where developers and ethical hackers from across the globe are invited to try and hack into the systems of the listed exchanges.Identifying the growing need to build robust crypto-exchanges and implement state-of-the-art security standards, the Hack X competition at UCIM will not only uncover the vulnerabilities present in the ecosystem of some of the top global exchanges but will also critically evaluate the platforms on the aspects of security, transparency, and privacy on which the blockchain industry thrives. The focus of UCIM is to generate a fraud and hack prevention system that will provide investors and trade-enthusiasts a complete 360-degree tamper-proof solution with multiple checkpoints being analyzed before announcing the name of the winning exchange that will eventually have proven its security standards. Top crypto exchanges have already signed up for the challenge in an attempt to showcase their world-class security systems while ethical hackers and renowned developers have registered to prove their mettle by ethically breaking into the system of registered exchanges. An exciting challenge, winners that successfully complete a given task will be rewarded with a bounty while delivering tried, tested and proven security systems for the crypto-community to put their trust on.
Other Exciting Segments at UCIM
Apart from such an innovative concept, the UCIM will also feature other exciting competitions such as Pitch-a-thon, UCIM Trading Challenge, and United Blockathon that aim to fuel the growth of the blockchain technology.
The conference will also discuss ideas to pave way for the global adoption of blockchain by identifying blockchain based solutions to catalyze decentralization and create borderless economies a reality. The event will feature some of the most celebrated personalities from the blockchain universe addressing the conference and blockchain enthusiasts, start-ups, investors, media members as well as newcomers will have ample opportunities to gain platform knowledge while connecting with thought leaders and developing long term strategic partnerships.
Designed to leverage from exclusive networking opportunities, the UCIM host events that spans across crypto trading, pitching, delivering security solutions, awards, investor roundtables, private networking, after parties and exclusive Yacht party and with such varied agenda spanned over two days, attendees whether newcomers or blockchain experts can definitely expect to benefit from attending the global conference.
With entry fees starting entirely free of cost, register yourselves today and secure your seat into the future of blockchain universe. Visit our official website today for more details.
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